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Bring Player Characters to Life

SG COM available for all major platforms

As players chat, SG COM translates the sound, mood, and energy of their voices into vibrant facial animations that bring the iconic player characters of Fortnite to life.

Introducing SG COM

SG COM available for all major platforms

New, revolutionary communication technology from Speech Graphics that animates live speech, enabling social presence and immersive, rich conversation between users in virtual worlds.

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SG COM available for all major platforms

SG COM powered facial animation improves communication comprehension and creates a sense of social presence in enterprise communication, customer service, and collaboration apps.

Bring your player characters to life

SG COM™ is a brand new technology from Speech Graphics that animates live speech in real time. In addition to complete and accurate lip sync with tongue motion, SG COM generates full-face movement including emotional expression, head motion, blinking, and eye darts, all from the audio signal. Beyond naturally recorded voices, SG COM in conjunction with text-to-speech can also bring AI assistants and chat bots to life.

This new product builds upon the technology at the core of SGX, which has been tried and tested for years in video games and entertainment.

SG COM™ is the highest possible standard for live facial animation. Unlike other solutions, SG COM accounts for coarticulation, stress, effort, and intensity, resulting in dynamic animation that changes and adapts to the current speaker. To further enhance the expressive quality of the animation, intensity of motion, moods, and head motion can all be tuned in real time.

SG COM is available now for  PC, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Unity, Unreal, and C++ SDKs are available.

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Collaborate and connect in virtual worlds with colleagues and AI bots.

Hang out in the Fortnite lobby and see player avatars come to life with the sound of their voices.

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