Top Scottish inventions recognized

Lip synchronising software, beachwear designed for colostomy bag-wearers and a cattle monitoring computer system have been named Scotland’s top inventions.

Eighty-three years after the inventor of television John Logie Baird changed the world by transmitting images from London to Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel, today’s leading Scottish innovators and inventors were honoured at the hotel in a ceremony.

Amongst those receiving John Logie Baird Awards were Michael Berger, 40, and Dr Gregor Hofer, 31, who created Edinburgh-based Speech Graphics.

The men, who both carried out research at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics before they set up their company, have combined speech technology and computer animation to produce a high-quality, lip synchronisation solution for the video games industry.

The software could save the gaming industry billions by transforming the process of lip syncing.

Mr Berger said: “This award represents a lot to us. Scotland has proven to be a great place to go into business. Not only is the video game industry in Scotland world-leading, but there is also a network of support for innovation here that is second to none, and the John Logie Baird Award captures the essence of that.”