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Facial animation automated and accelerated with SGX

- David Coleman
Technical Art Director, XBox Game Studios – The Coalition

"I’m very happy with the results, and would recommend Speech Graphics as a solution for any audio based, automated face animation pipeline"

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Introducing SG COM

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Characters come to life with the voices of your players. SG COM generates real-time facial animation from speech.

What we do: Facial Animation

Speech Graphics provides revolutionary procedural facial animation. Our animations are featured in AAA video games,  music videos, communication apps, training tools and more.

What makes our facial animation different

Our technology generates fully expressive facial animation from audio input alone. We achieve unprecedented quality backed by 25 years of R&D in speech technology and facial dynamics.

Our Facial animation Solutions

From large volumes of dialogue to custom jobs, our animation service can scale to meet the needs of any production. Our team of experts work closely with clients to achieve their vision.


“Speech Graphics’ SGX enabled the team at Eidos-Montréal to generate over twenty thousand high quality lip-sync animations for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider with its wide range of conversations.

The generated content integrated directly into our existing animation pipeline, which made it a nice addition to our tools and the team provided fast and expert support to our needs throughout our production.”

Pierre-Marc Simard, Animation Technical Director, Eidos-Montréal

“Speech Graphics provided us with a robust system for automatically creating quality facial animation for the many thousands of lines of gameplay dialogue in Gears of War 4.”

David Coleman, Animation Director, Gears of War 4

“The Uruk faces are surprisingly well animated and expressive.”

Dan Stapleton, IGN on Shadow of Mordor

We have had a very successful collaboration with Speech Graphics to integrate their audio-driven solution with our motion capture. Their solution saved us a huge amount of work on facial animation and the results were truly outstanding.

Phil Stilgoe, CEO Centroid Motion Capture


“It was a great pleasure working with Speech Graphics on the Kanye West music video, Blkkk Skkkn Head. The data provided by them was of an extraordinary quality, and when working under such tight time constraints, was an absolute lifesaver!”

David Bennet, CEO Mimic Productions


“Speech Graphics was an essential partner on the Simone project. They managed the whole animation production process from modeling and controlling a human vocal tract, to stylized rendering. Their detailed and accurate speech animation is now utilized by our students worldwide.”

Mark Bruk, Founder and CEO of Saundz