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Alien Sales Presentation

This animation was created as a unique way to share corporate goals and information with a large audience at a company-wide sales conference.


Unnamed corporate client.

Our Task

The client needed a corporate demo that introduced a future product line. Speech Graphics was tasked with producing the whole video from audio recording right through to final rendering.

Production Stages

  1. Conception/creation of models and textures

    For the two characters and their forest scene, we worked with the client through several iterations to come up with a look that would suit the project and the spirit of the presentation.

  2. Audio recording

    We sourced voice talent to record lines that were supplied by the client.

  3. Animation production

    In addition to generating full-face animation from audio using Speech Graphics technology, we also produced hand-keyed body animation for each line.

  4. Rendering and compositing

    We used a Mental Ray rendering pipeline in combination with After Effects for final rendering and compositing.