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Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an action role-playing video game set in The Lord of the Rings universe. It was developed by Monolith Productions and Warner Brothers Games, and was released in September 2014. Shadow of Mordor has won a DICE Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation, Game of the Year at GDC and Excellence in Animation at SXSW, along with many other accolades.

Speech Graphics won a Develop Award for their facial animation work on the project.


Warner Brothers Games and Monolith Productions

Our Task

Shadow or Mordor contains a large amount of dialogue. The client required an efficient audio-based solution that could deliver high quality facial animation on a variety of characters consistently and quickly.

Production Stages

  1. Quality benchmarking

    We worked closely with the client to determine a quality threshold and dynamic style that best matched their artistic vision.

  2. Animation production

    Using our technology with quality tuning by our experts, Speech Graphics delivered over 120 minutes of facial animation for the game.