Evolving facial animation



Develop uncovers the inner workings of Speech Graphics’ new lip-syncing tool for devs.

Scottish technology outfit Speech Graphics exists as a thriving service company specialising in audio-driven lip syncing.

A relative newcomer in the global games industry, it has already built quite a name for itself with a run of award nominations and wins, and now it has bold plans to repackage its eponymous technology as a tool.

“We feel a software company is more scalable and ultimately it’s where we want to go,” confirms Speech Graphics CEO Dr Gregor Hofer.

“By offering a tool we can reach more customers with our solution. As to what developers prefer, some say they are happy to outsource to animation services while others prefer the control offered by a tool that can be integrated directly into their production pipeline. We feel there is a place for both models.

“Starting with the service model simply allows us to use interactions with game developers to inform our development program, to ultimately produce a technology that will provide exactly what they want.”