Speech Graphics to pioneer facial animation for mobile gaming

Speech Graphics Ltd, the award-winning provider of high-fidelity facial animation and lip sync, has received a £25k grant from the University of Abertay Prototype fund to develop facial animation technology for mobile devices. The software will be integrated in games and apps to automatically animate the faces of 3D characters in precise synchrony with natural or synthetic voice.

Mobile games have seen unprecedented growth in recent years, not at least due to substantial increases in graphics power, which allows for near-console experiences on mobile devices. This places pressure on content providers to produce more realistic animation. Now is a critical time for developers to spin out high-end animation solutions for mobile platforms.

While consumers are keen on high-fidelity devices, compelling facial animation is still missing from mobile apps. Using the Prototype funding, Speech Graphics will bring its technology to iOS and Android devices, allowing developers to harness advanced speech processing and muscle-dynamic algorithms to animate speech and other facial behaviour realistically and with little effort.

Dr Gregor Hofer, co-founder and CEO of Speech Graphics is quoted as saying: “Mobile platforms are playing an increasing role for the video game industry and we believe that in many ways the future will be in mobile. It is important as a supplier to stay ahead of the curve and making this R&D investment will cement our reputation in the industry as the leader in speech animation.“

Michael Berger, co-founder and CTO of Speech Graphics says: “This development is about bringing our high-fidelity spoken facial animation to mobile gaming platforms, but we also believe it foretells a whole new way of interacting with mobile devices—face to face. This is a movement that we are uniquely well-positioned to lead.”

About Speech Graphics
Speech Graphics Ltd (www.speech-graphics.com) is an award-winning tech company providing facial animation with next-gen realism driven completely by audio. Founded in 2010 by speech technology experts with two decades of experience in speech animation, the company is expanding rapidly while already providing animation services to several major AAA studios. For more information visit www.speech-graphics.com, call +44 (0) 131 6686 911 or contact us here.