The Leading Automatic Speech to Facial Animation Solution

SGX is an award winning, production tested, automatic speech-to-facial animation system.  Over 20 years of R&D in speech technology, linguistics, machine learning and procedural facial dynamics are at the core of SGX.  Through the innovative application of acoustic analysis and muscle dynamics, SGX produces accurate, consistent, natural lip sync and remarkable full-face emotional expression from just audio and text.


  • Mass Scale Ready – Generate tens of thousands of animations in minutes 
  • Full face Animation – Generate life like lip sync animation with audio driven full facial expressions 
  • Anatomically Based – Speech is analyzed and translated into virtual muscle activations within our vocal tract simulation 
  • Completely Automatic – No manual alignment of facial poses or visemes to audio clips
  • No runtime – Playback the keyframe data like you would any other animation
  • Easy Pipeline Integration – Maya plugins make it easy to add SGX to nearly any animation pipeline
  • Scriptable – Completely automate your facial animation production
  • Multi-language support – Localize your animation automatically
  • Works with any 3D character – Compatible with hybrid, blendshape, and joint based character animation rigs